Tuesday, 16 December 2014

10 Pros When You Have Lots Of Children

 At the start of the year, I wrote a post 10 Cons When You Have Lots of Children. It was the most popular post I have written. A simple and comical laugh at the 'negatives' of a household of many little people.

This time I'm doing the opposite. Ten things that are great about lots of children. But they may not be the ten you're expecting me to say.... :)

1. We are self-sufficient at playing 'duck, duck, goose'. No waiting for birthday parties for us! He he he. The same goes for 'pin the tail on the donkey', though granted, it often ends up as 'pin the tail on your sibling while mum isn't looking.'

2. We can rarely feel prideful about our 'done and dusted' laundry pile... Or sparkling kitchen floor... Or clean vanity sink. Those little people are on a constant secret mission to get dirty, drop crumbs and milk and paint and toothpaste on every surface we have just cleaned. A sanctification-of-mummy-and-daddy-mission given to them by the Lord. Ah, how many character virtues we can learn from the constant thwarting of our efforts....

3. We can smile that we are single-handedly keeping the throat lozenge companies in business. I mean, it boggles the mind how often I need to use my throat. And every time I need a child, it is ALWAYS the child who is furthest away from me. Truly uncanny really. Not to mention all those common colds and flus that simply cannot help but be shared with every member of the family. We're doing our part for Soothers, ladies. Remember that! ;)

4. We get lots and lots of fresh-out-of-the-bath pink little feet. It is like the epitomy of clean to see those little bath-soaked toes. I don't know about you, but it just feels like you're doing something right as a mother, when your kids have clean feet. :)

5. Wisdom crops up in strange places. For example, we come to realise that (when standing at the sink), walking across the kitchen AGAIN, to get a glass for a glass of water, is nowhere near as sensible as drinking water from the clean measuring cup/sippy cup/small bowl that is drying in the drainer right next to you. Energy conservation, at all costs, is paramount.

6. You become incredibly easy to please. 'Me time' is a trip to the letterbox by yourself; the half a sandwich your toddler doesn't want to finish makes an acceptable lunch; and you count it as a blessing if everybody has matching socks on.

7. There is always someone for whom you can buy a gift. I like presents, and I like giving presents. So, I like having lots of cute excuses to buy presents. The benefit of lots of children, of course, is that the price tag for these gifts is necessarily small too. Firstly, because if it weren't, we would be poor. And secondly, because they probably wouldn't play with it for long anyway.... siblings are much more fun. :) Especially when they are willing and small enough to fit under a laundry basket, whilst you sit on top pretending you can't find them; or they don't mind you dressing them up to look like queen/bat/fireman all at once!

8. Having lots of little children means getting lots of love notes or toddler kisses or drawings. Yes, I know this one is sappy, but it really is so nice! My rest time was interrupted yesterday by Amanda (2) waking up. She came into bed with me and I had my eyes closed. She kept, ever so gently, stroking my cheek with her little chubby hands and whispering "Mummy, Mummy...", just so that I would open my eyes and she could bestow a huge loving grin on me. No, I didn't get to keep my eyes shut, but that memory will warm many a hard days to come. They are all precious like that, I'm glad to have them all in my life.

9. Having lots of children means you get lots of bubble bath in your life. And that is just awesome, okay!?

10. Having lots of little people around just makes everything overflow with abundance. Our lounge room bursts with joyful noise when we sing hymns together of an evening; our shopping trolley is always filled up with edible goodness; our church pew is always packed with little worshippers; our bed is covered in little cards and wrapping paper on father's/mother's day morning; I get about 17 'goodbye' cuddles prior to going out to visit a friend for 2 hours; and when there is mud to be played in... well, we really get the most out of that mud!

So, there you have it. I hope it made you laugh.

As an update, we are just over 6 weeks away from our baby's due date! Hurray!

God bless,

Taken at the start of this week; 33 weeks.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

10 Cons When You Have Lots Of Children

 Yep. There are definitely some cons to having lots of people in your house! These are some of the funnier ones. Hope they make you giggle.

Con 1: You will always have a monster of an odd sock pile. There is no solution to that problem, other than throwing the pile out and starting again. If drastic action isn't taken, the pile will start eating more of your sock pairs until you lose all care about them matching. :)

Con 2. Your hairbrush is always AWOL. Always. Infact, you will find that the hairbrushes are in fact a covert army of soldiers. They hide together and appear together. You either have a surplus or none. And you won't need the brush when they are everywhere.

Con 3. Time in the bathroom comes at a premium. It will stand empty for hours and then once one person realises they need the bathroom, EVERYONE realises they need the bathroom!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Dear Ladies Without Children: You Haven't Failed

If you were following my blog, you will have received a phantom post about my considering stopping Raising Arrows. I deleted it because I wasn't sure what to do. It has cost me in real life to do this. But I decided, that's nothing if this blog leads even one person to Christ! It is doing it's job if God uses it to save a marriage, encourage a downcast mummy or just makes someone smile. So I'm staying. And that brings me to this post. I want to clarify a few things. I am not part of any quiver full movement. I am not a fertility-is-all-that-matters type girl. I am simply standing up for the value that each child has intrinsically. Given to them by God, whether they are number 1 or number 15, whether they are a boy or girl, or whether they are 'normal' or need special help.
The world needs to hear that message!

But this message is for those sweet ladies who have no or few children. I want to say this: YOU HAVEN'T FAILED!!

The number of children we have does not determine

Friday, 28 December 2012

Seeing Our Invisible Children

My son came to me the other day and asked me,
"Mummy, can I please have a back scratch?".
     This may not seem significant just yet, but it was! You see, our other son has eczema and I am quite literally giving HIM a back stratch everyday. When he is really sore, he can't sit still without scratching until he bleeds, so I gently stratch him without hurting the skin so as to prevent him from doing it harder and causing damage. So, you see it was at that moment that I heard his brother's sweet request and I couldn't help but be convicted. He had been 'back stratch invisible'. He hardly ever got one and he had never asked for one, so it slipped my mind to offer him one, as I am so often giving one to his brother.
So I'm on a mission in my household; to eliminate

Thursday, 29 November 2012

You Are Perfect For This Job

The thing about living with others, is that I'm constantly unable to feel too proud for long. I am being humbled by the minute mostly. Being challenged. Being corrected. Do you feel like that too? Someone once said that you will never know how selfish you are until you get married. That is so true. And it happens even more so when you become a parent.

The other week my daughter was running and hit her

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Wooden Heart

Today I took the children to visit my Oma (grandma). She just recently turned 91 years old! I love her so much.... xxx

But today I went with a purpose in mind. I went to deliver a letter I had written her. A bold letter. A letter full of my love for her. But more importantly, a letter that told her how much Christ loves her.
I gave her the gospel.

Friday, 19 October 2012

When You Were 35 (A Story In Reverse)

I dreamed a dream and in that dream you had become a man. 
You greet me at the door, and I look up as best I can
When you speak, you bellow low. I watch your stately stride. Before I know it, I've filled right up with motherly love and pride.

You take your dear wife by the hand and lead her through our door. The shoes you left near hers make quite a 'couple' on the floor.
You hold her tenderly in your arms, she holds your heart in kind.
A better shepherd of my son, I truly could not find. 

Your strong hands pick up little ones, just like your father did.
You pour them juice in little cups that always need a lid.
You pour out love without a cost, blow raspberries whilst they squeal.
You never miss the chance to smile at those around your heel.

The work you do outside the home, you do as to the Lord.
You love the scriptures 'cos you know that soldiers need a sword.
You show a world that cannot see, what true love really is.
A starving world your actions feed, through service just like His.

And though I'm thrilled with what I see, I secretly want more...
Just one more day, to spend with you, when you were only four.
Because back then, you looked up to me.
When hurt you'd crawl up on my knee.

When you were four, your voice was sweet and shrieked with sheer delight.
When I was near, the tears would dry and your eyes would sparkle bright.
Back then, I was the only girl you loved with all your heart.
You gave me daisies, pictures too, when seldom we had to part.

I miss those days when you were young. The days of simple hugs.
The days when you loved building things and watching tiny bugs.
I miss the smile that broke right through, on every Christmas morn.
I miss the day I first saw your face and held you when you were born.

How did those days go by so fast? Why didn't they stop and stay?
I didn't pause to take in 'you' all those days we spent in play.
Now you have grown into a man. And I really must admit.
That the 'leaving and cleaving' took me by surprise, as though I had been hit.

I do not wish to have you back, I know you must move on.
I only wish I'd taken time to sing you "one last song?". 
The days when you were Master Four, swept by without a sign. 
The days when I did not have to share, you were wonderfully, totally mine.

But then I awoke and before me stood, my little man of four.
It was a dream, you are not grown, you're a little boy once more. 
I can't believe my eyes and so I hug you to my chest.
I haven't missed a thing! You are still within my nest!

This time when you say "Mummy read?", I do not hesitate.
I want to soak up every day, before it is too late. 
You are a gift from God, I love you more than I can say,
Even when you do grow up, for you each day I'll pray.

Thank you Lord, for teaching me to number every day.
Help me Lord to realise when I need to stop and play.
Give me Lord the patience to deal sweetly with their strife.
Be with me Lord as I try to train them up for adult life.